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Snow White vs. Sleeping Beauty

The other day I posted ‘Am I the only one who didn’t know Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are two different things?’ Andres did a great job of explaining the differences:

Ahhh…. Well, Snow White ate an apple and went into a coma. Sleeping Beauty was just cursed. Snow White was presumed dead, Sleeping Beauty was known to be sleeping and cursed. The step mother witch wanted Snow White dead, the other evil lady (…dunno who she was) wanted Sleeping Beauty just asleep forever so there would be no heir to the throne (foil the death to the heir passes it on to the other) so she could rule the land. Snow White’s antagonist was just jealous of her beauty and wanted her dead (she didn’t like the competition, some beauty pagent!). I THINK a prince saved Sleeping Beauty, but a common dude saved Snow White. The only difference was that Snow White had royal blood, so did sleeping beauty, but the royal connections back to the throne were different (the prince, I THINK… not sure.) So in the end the story of Snow White was more interesting, cause she had to live with dwarves and run away and be hunted by bounty hunters and escape a royal slaughter. Sleeping Beauty was much more political, less slaughter, and more about the prince than the beauty. Thus a less remembered story, and often confused with Snow White. =P But who doesn’t love an idea of a Sleeping Beauty!?¡ So it isn’t completely forgotten. lmao!!

Then Lorena added ‘Great explantion, but disney taught me snow white ended up with a prince,’ so now we’re all caught up on the Snow White/Sleeping Beauty parallels. Next!