OCSPLORA: The Creative Revolutionary's Handbook

OCSPLORA: The Creative Revolutionary's Handbook

OCSPLORA has been a decade-plus long project now (begun in May, 2009) to which I have dedicated an unseemly amount of time and energy.

The goal was and still is to share stories about creativity, adventure, and generosity, with the aim of encouraging and inspiring people who want those elements to be an essential part of their own lives.

I’ve never gone back and counted the number of contributors OCSPLORA has had over the years, but I know it’s more than a dozen. I am extremely grateful for all of them and the work they have each done for the magazine.

The site has never done that well in terms of pageviews and comments, but the stories on it are well-written, well-edited, and well-designed, and I am proud of that.