I'm heeeeere, and I'm singiiiing...
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I'm heeeeere, and I'm singiiiing...

2010: A Nate’s Odyssey

  • Grew a scruffy beard, then shaved it into a nice goatee
  • Took a trip to Vermont for a few days, including a day-trip to Montreal
  • Designed and published OCSPLORA Volume One (goal)
  • Used Kickstarter to promote and sell Vol. One to a whopping 22 people
  • Redesigned the logo and made t-shirts with it
  • Moved Ocsplora.com to Tumblr for a while, then back to WordPress
  • Made progress on The Donkey Speaks to about halfway done (half-goal)
  • Blogged and twittered pretty steadily through the first half of the year (half-goal)
  • Developed an interesting photo-tracing art style for postcards and stuff
  • Worked as a delivery driver, food server, child transporter and (de)construction assistant
  • Started a new business doing print and web design, Mess Kit Media
  • Made well over a hundred dollars from my creative ability (goal)
  • Spent some time in Providence, RI (where I’m at right now)
  • Went snowboarding once
  • Two Cape trips with friends – one week-long vacation, one overnight camping trip
  • Explored the South Shore a bit, and more of Boston (lots of SOWA trips)
  • Influenced some very good articles to be written for OCSPLORA
  • Established some clear and concise goals for OCSPLORA for 2011
  • Designed a base template for Tumblr websites – used it for everything
  • Helped Coffee Haven to establish a web presence, and an email newsletter
  • Helped Kelly & Co. Hair Salon to establish their web presence
  • Designed a logo for Flagg Medical
  • Designed a logo for The Chop Shop
  • Designed business cards for HeartSafeCPR
  • Designed a flyer for Parlor Salon & Apothecary
  • Helped Mobility by Dennis to establish a web presence, and Google ads
  • Built a website for StoryTapestry
  • Read and listened to a ton of books (mostly non-fiction) and listened to a ton of podcasts
  • Continued to strengthen working relationships with OCSPLORA contributors
  • Sent 9-ish OCSPLORA Soundings email updates for contributors and care-takers
  • Hosted Friday Night Dinners nearly every week for the whole year
  • Started trail running – loved it
  • Started up at Planet Fitness as soon as they opened, went 2 or 3 times a week (goal)
  • Went on a 6 week eating plan – felt great about it
  • Confronted a close friend about some difficult things
  • Wrote down a vague dream job description
  • Helped FCCH work out its missions strategy for the future
  • Got a euro-mullet
  • Loved well, lived fully, laughed a lot

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