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What Is Church?

Update (June 2020): Some of these old posts make me cringe a little. It’s not even that I don’t agree with my past self, it’s just the way I presented my thoughts I guess.

This morning, I was thinking about one of my friends who is trying to decide with his family which church to be a part of.

For some reason that got me thinking about what exactly a church is. I think most people, whether they are church-goers or not wouldn’t really think twice about this. They see a church building of some type with a sign that ends in the word church and viola. No problem.

I think, off the top of my head, I would define church as a group of people who seek God.

Maybe love God?

Love Jesus?

Those are pretty simple definitions and they draw clear lines. If you go with the first definition, it would include almost every faith. The second would knock out quite a few. The third would knock out most of the rest. And the building’s not even an issue.