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The Digital Tower

How much does the ancient tower of Babel have in common with our modern day world wide web?

According to that ancient story, everyone in the world spoke the same language. They were building a tower together and God realized there was nothing they wouldn’t be capable of doing. He caused them to speak different languages and they were prevented from finishing their project.

It’s kind of like we’re working back to that time of monolingual humanity. Languages are dying everyday. Globalization and the internet are fueling a world where everyone needs to know English, or at least the common language of their region.

People all over the world are working together, despite language barriers, in tiny pieces and parts to build the most massive construction by far that humans have ever made. It just can’t be seen, except on a computer screen.

I’m not saying the internet is a danger and God’s going to step in and break it up. I love the internet too. I just think there are interesting parallels.