Marriages Like Rockets

Marriages like rockets
Launched at distant planets
Everything necessary
To propagate new life, new families, whole new worlds

Greater than the sum of its parts
Spreading like waves
Part of a hurtling cloud
Other rockets, satellite souls, come and go

Making kids now
New lives joining in
Rockets become stations
Serious now, plans, goals, not only survive and grow but win

Rocket’s getting rocky
Bumps, near crashes
Resources feeling strained
Tensions rise, maneuvering asteroids, gases, disasters


How I Survived 30 Days With (Almost) No Digital Media

Today is the day after a month-long fast from all digital media, except… movies at the movie theater, music, email, and websites or apps needed to get work done (and, as it turned out, communal video games). I’ve always been slow to upgrade to new technology (unless it’s free), so it was not until last year […]


Random Memory

I’m a little kid. I’m not sure how old, but little. Like maybe 5. I think it’s in Haiti, which means I’d have to be 5 or 6. We’re at the beach, the family. I don’t remember Dad or Jer around, but I’m sure they would have been. I’m playing on the beach, either in […]