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Speaking Of America

Update (June 2020): This was written eleven years ago and my thoughts have certainly changed on a few things. I would still prioritize the national debt and small business, but my take on abortion would be more about helping women and couples in a situation where they are contemplating abortion to have as many other options and alternatives available to them as possible. And I’m no longer sold on flat tax or fair tax, but we all know there is quite a bit of room for tax reform in the U.S. of A. The problem is rich people and corporations don’t want to lose their perks and they have enough influence to keep things the way they want them. At least until there is a cultural shift. The last paragraph is truer than ever.

Here are the things that would be highest priorities to me if I were president.

paying off the national debt

ending abortion

moving to flat tax or fair tax

making it easier to start, own and operate a small business

I would run on a platform of creative compromise – or something like that – trying to get people to see that they can’t get everything they want for this country without having to give in on some of the issues that are less important to them.