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Re:think.ing_ Scatterseed (again)

Every few weeks now I feel like I go through this process of feeling completely overwhelmed and confused about what I’m trying to do with Scatterseed, then praying and thinking a lot about it, then coming to some new understanding or realization that takes the whole idea one step forward.

The past few days have been one such instance. I strongly believe the more focused you are in whatever you do, the better your results will be. But I’m trying to ‘flood the world with good media’. Geez, talk about vague. It’s been hard deciding on a specific direction and not wandering away from it, because there are a lot of directions this could go.

So here’s the latest. I realized Scatterseed just needs to be like a catalogue of creative projects. It’s the projects that are the real meat and potatoes of this idea. So Scatterseed will be an umbrella to house the projects, and scatterseed.com will just be a front page tying everything together. It’ll also house the social/ community backend. Each project will have its own specific page, like parableart.scatterseed.com for example.

Alright, make it work people.