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Patrick Dodson

Update (June 2020): I owe Patrick a huge debt of gratitude. His voice was a near constant companion during an era of my life when I spent a lot of time driving for work and went through some big, slow shifts in my thinking and perspective on life and God and creativity and work and family and all of it. Patrick’s recorded presentations and teachings were a huge part of that shift and were vastly essential in some of the mental transformations I am even still going through to this day. Patrick went through some big life changes and eventually took down all his podcast episodes and presentations, but you can still find his website and see a couple things he’s done. I’m hoping the work that made such a difference in my life will eventually resurface or reform to help other young people, especially the ones raised in Evangelical Christian contexts.

Photo stolen from Patrick’s website.

Patrick Dodson

Our friend Ali led a DTS last year in Oxford, New Zealand. We recently saw her in Toronto and afterwards she sent us recordings of all the lectures from the school.

This guy wasn’t on any of my DTSs and Ali said he was controversial, so he’s who I’ve been listening to the most.

He’s amazing. You gotta check him out and listen to some of his podcasts if you get a chance.