Noteworthy Podcasts

A few people have asked lately which podcasts I like to listen to. Here are my three favorites. Discussions by Patrick Dodson (new podcasts every so often) – Patrick lives in New Zealand and works with YWAM. He speaks all over the world, mostly to twentysomething Christians trying to figure out what to do with …

I would get on a plane for yaaaaaa

Wendy, singing: I would take a grenade for yaaaaaa. I would get on a plane for yaaaaaa...

Nate: What did you say?

Wendy: I would get on a plane for ya?

Nate: Nope.

Wendy: Yeah. I would get on a plane for yaaaaaa..

This is #2 in a series of New England illustrated postcards I’m working on. This comes from a really amazing photo we took at Cape Neddick Lighthouse in Maine. I just traced over the photo, first lines and then colors.

The way I pray

Father in Heaven May you be honored for who you are By all people Of every language, culture, and religion May your Kingdom continue to invade this world And all of human activity May things happen the way you want them to Here, just like they do in Heaven Give us today what we need …