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On living simply

When it comes to living simply (aka: cheap as hell), I’m still a novice. I’ve got a lot to learn, but the main thing is to not want stuff and to not get trapped by stuff.

People get used to a way of life that costs a lot to maintain. There’s cell phones, cable, new cars, big houses and lots and lots of toys. The less your life costs, the less money you need to live. The less you need to live, the more you can do the things you love. You can work less hours, see the world, visit friends in faraway places, give money to stuff that’s important to you, invest in your own dreams and other people’s too.

The thing is, buying stuff is no substitute for making stuff. Tv is no substitute for sharing stories with family and friends. A new car is no substitute for adventure and freedom. And a big house will just feel empty without a bunch of people in it.

Focus on what’s important. Get rid of the clutter.