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Baby Yoda—Cybertrucks—I'm Bringing Paperback

<Warning: Mild spoilers for The Mandalorian ahead. Read with caution.>

I’m not super active on social media, which you will know if you follow me on any of my accounts.

I don’t spend a lot of time perusing Twitter or Facebook or Reddit or Google News or Youtube or any of the other places my friends like to siphon through vast troves of information and entertainment.

My internet media diet, not including movies, shows, and music on streaming services, consists mostly of podcasts and email.

Those are the primary sources of my current events knowledge. Plus my wife and our close friends.

So I did not know, though I was not surprised to find out, that Baby Yoda had taken over the interwebs.

When I first encountered Baby Yoda (as I will refer to him even though I understand it is not an accurate name or description), I was mostly curious.

Like everyone else I think.

It was definitely a twist no one could have seen coming in the first live action Star Wars show about a mysterious bounty hunter who is apparently not Boba Fett.

I also wondered, especially in subsequent episodes, if they were pushing the cuteness thing too far for hardcore fans. I’m still wondering that, actually. I like big-eyed, toddling, force-wielding Baby Yoda, but people are finicky about that stuff.

I wondered what Yoda’s race is called, if that baby is really 50 years old, and whether all of their race is super force sensitive and powerful. Have they been hunted to near extinction by the Sith?

I’m also wondering if the show can sustain itself when the episodes don’t seem to be progressing the larger story line very much, if at all.

My friend sent me this Mandalorian meme:

The Mandelorean—Half Man. Half Delorean.

Which brings us to the Tesla Cybertruck, famously inspired in its outside-the-lines design by the original Delorean, the car made legend by the Back To The Future franchise.

Tesla Cybertruck wearing a tent.

Again, I’m usually not up on the latest cultural happenings, but I asked my friend who is into Tesla about the whole Tesla truck thing and he informed me it had just been announced a few days prior, and of course he talked about the indestructible windows being smashed to bits.

So we watched some videos. I thought it was amazing. He looked at me like I had swallowed a live chicken.

So far everyone else I’ve talked to about the Cybertruck thinks it looks hideous, including my wife, but I was smitten within 30 seconds.

I overheard some well-dressed businessmen at Starbucks saying they thought it looked awesome, which made me like it a little less (sorry if you’re a well-dressed businessman who frequents Starbucks), but that means I’m not the only one who likes it. I mean, that and the hundreds of thousands of preorders.

I tend to like things that are crazy for good reason. Things that ask, why do we always do it this way and not that way, and then try to do it a different way just to see what happens.

I even thought about putting down a $100 deposit for one (fully refundable, of course) just to say I had done it.

The most expensive car we ever bought was almost $8,000. It’s hard to imagine spending five or six times that, even if it is electric and indestructible.

Maybe one day.

Lastly, an announcement:  Greysuits is now available in paperback on Amazon for $12 .

I’m planning on giving it to a few people for Christmas, which is super lame. You should never give your own book as a present, but if you would like to join me in giving my book as a present to a loved one (or arch rival),  it’s on Amazon for $12 . ( The ebook is $4 .)