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Aliens on christianity p.2

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Before they killed him he had been hanging out with a posse, like in the cowboy movies.


No, they didn’t ride horses.

Well, no they didn’t go around shooting people.

No, no guns at all actually. Okay, maybe it wasn’t like the cowboy movies, but they were still like a posse.

Anyway, he taught them a lot of stuff and after he got killed, they started going and telling everyone he had un-died.

I know.

No, humans don’t normally un-die. It was just as shocking a thing to say to them as it is to you now.

Well, they started meeting together, the humans who believed he had un-died. And they started living differently than everyone else. They treated everyone else who believed just like family. They shared their stuff so no was hungry or cold or without anything they needed.

What’s that?

Oh, right. Well, they said he had left, that he had gone to retake his place as God, or as a part of the three-member family of God. I know, it sounds weird, but just listen.

These ones who believed about Jesus talked about him all the time. And they claimed God was showing them new things, about how to live and about the world, even about the future.

Over time these humans who believed were everywhere. Some of their rulers got angry and killed some of them because they were telling everyone no one was better than anyone else and the rulers didn’t like that.

Eventually it changed from a little underground group of radical thinkers to an accepted and influential part of society.

Well, most societies.

It kind of moved around, like a virus. It would die off in one area and explode in another, get snuffed out there and spread somewhere else. Because it began in one of the most heavily trafficked little pieces of land on the planet, it went everywhere.