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Aliens on christianity p.1

This post is part of a series. Here’s part two.

Listen kids, says the little green alien.

I’m going to tell you a story.

There’s this planet I went to once called Earth. That’s the planet where I got those cool cowboy movies with the guns and horses. Remember?

Yeah, I love Clint Eastwood too, but just listen.

There’s people on Earth – they call themselves humans. Well, these people would have all killed each other intentionally or accidentally years ago, if it wasn’t for one of them called Jesus.




Well, if you’d stop talking you’d hear it the first time.

Anyway, a while back, before they learned about germs and internal combustion engines, he spent a few years talking to some humans about their god and how they should live.

I used to think their god was different than ours, but now I think they might have the same God as us, just with different names.

Jesus talked to them about being just as concerned with the well-being of their fellow humans as their own. And that no one is better or higher or closer to their god than anybody else. And they should love God completely.

So they killed him.