What happens when the inhabitants of a rediscovered Earth, on the verge of war, bear witness to the invasion of a rogue Greysuit claiming to be a powerful spirit of legend?

Kinn Tonari wakes up on a starship, alone and powerless, with only nightmares, regret, and a repulsive healer to keep him company as he tries to get his bearings. When he finds two strangers somehow alive aboard a space station near Earth, he has all he needs to continue his quest for power.

Meanwhile, on Earth...
The only ambassador between his own people and the never ending multitudes of Easterners, Sharn is losing hope for a peaceful future between the two. War seems almost inevitable when a spirit being descends from the sky to turn the tide and promise lasting power.

Hunter warrior Tenka cares only about finding food and keeping the vile Easterlings away from her village and her people, but as the foreigners grow bolder and her village weakens, she may have no choice but to seek outside help.

Krii left both his native people and his adopted people long ago to enjoy a solitary and carefree life, but his concern for a friend in trouble and a momentary lapse in judgement lead him on a journey through his past to find answers, belonging, and some kind of redemption.

The future of the New World hangs in the balance as these four individuals struggle to recover what they have lost, each determined to stake out a place for themselves and their people. But in the end, whose vision of the future will they chase, and what are each of them willing to give up to get it?

Find out in this second book of the Grey New World collection, available from all major ebook retailers...

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