Saves The Day Tee

There is a scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, is transformed from a short, weak kid with a lot of heart into a superhero.

This shirt is based closely on the shirt he is wearing in that scene and his subsequent chase of the bad guy through New York. He wears it again at the end of the movie.

I liked that shirt so much I wanted to make my own—at that time I couldn’t find it for sale online, but now you can find them everywhere—so I did and the image has sat waiting on my computer until now.

I had the brilliant idea to find a cause to support with the sale of these shirts (not because I’m such a great guy, but because people are more likely to buy stuff for a cause).

Just as I was looking for a cause, my friend Jake posted about one of his friends who’s family is trying to raise money to continue battling a rare heart disease.

Once I read that, I decided trying to make money off of a design that’s been sitting around on my computer for a year or two, when there are people who are hoping just to live to old age and do the things that the rest of us take for granted, was a little selfish.

So, I collected pre-orders in the hopes of both making some cool shirts and helping a guy who wants a heart that works like it’s supposed to. In the end, I didn’t get very many orders, but I did complete a survey on that got me $100 off my order, so I was able to give about $120 to Coley’s fund.

It was a good learning experience and I like the idea of maybe starting a tee shirt mailing list, doing a few shirt designs every year, and giving some of the money to a cause or a charity.

Copyright © 2011 Paramount Pictures
Copyright © 2011 Paramount Pictures