Made In Mass Logo

Made in Massachusetts

Proudly display that your website or product is MADE IN MASSACHUSETTS with this slick, copyright-free, (need I say, made in Massachusetts?) MADE IN MASS badge.

It’s been a trend lately to put where a website is made in the footer, especially for startups, so I went looking to see if anyone had made a cool little ‘Made in Massachusetts’ badge and I didn’t find one single attempt.

So I made my own.

This logo is published under a CC0 license and is completely free to use for any purpose whatsoever. You can download a zipped copy of the PSD file here.

I used a font called Metro Nova, designed by Toshi Omagari and based on the original Metro typeface designed by William Addison Dwiggins—in Massachusetts. I also did a version in Futura which is in the Photoshop file.

Here’s the version I use—120 pixels by 75 pixels, #555:



To the extent possible under law, Nate Green has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Made In Massachusetts Logo. This work is published from: United States.